TEKO-GEL (polyurethane-based gel)


  • Teko-Gel is the only insole material that is a real shock-absorber. 
  • It shields the feet from the impact of walking and running, easing the pressure on joints, muscles and ligaments.
  • Teko-Gel distributes body weight through the entire feet allowing long-term comfort and cushioning. 
  • Teko-Gel has long life and stability. It retains all its properties for a time period at least fifty times longer than any other gel material in the market. 
  • Teko-Gel's chemical make-up absorbs pressure, as opposed to resin based-gels with plastizers, which bounces the pressure back to the user's body. Because effective shock absorption is essential to long-term shoe-comfort is associated with, Teko-Gel is highly superior to all other types of gel insoles. 
  • Teko-Gel is a non-toxic gel containing no plasticizers, silicones or any other additives.  
Teko-Gel is produced exclusively by Tek-Or Plastik

Product Properties:

Excellent shock absorber Effective weight distribution Easing pressure on joints, muscles and ligaments. Long life and stability Adheres with glue 
Non-toxic and non-irritaing
PU Gel SheetsKod:Teko-Gel PU Gel Sheets
PU Gel insertsKod:Teko-Gel PU Gel inserts
RH-002 PU Gel Kod:Teko-Gel RH-002 PU Gel
RH-003 PU GelKod:Teko-Gel RH-003 PU Gel
RH-004 PU GelKod:Teko-Gel RH-004 PU Gel
RH-005 PU GelKod:Teko-Gel RH-005 PU Gel